2011 WSKA Championships

The weekend of September 17 & 18 2011 is a big day for Shotokan Karate.  The Shotokan Karate World Championships are being held in Chicago.

For more information check out the website below:

World Shotokan Karate Association

The last time it was in Chicago was 2006 and it was an awesome event and this year will be even better.  The best Shotokan Karate competitors in the world come to this event and this year there are 17 countries and 186 athletes.  Many of the best athletes from my Karate club, including my son, are competing in this prestigious event.

Don’t miss out, get your tickets before they are all gone and come out and see the best Shotokan Karate in the world.

Here is a  link YouTube with some of the videos that I took that weekend.