No matter how long you train Karate, you can always learn

What an awesome class today! Classes with Sensei Noia are always awesome but today was extra awesome. The dojo was hot and humid and it felt good. As I get older, the warm air really makes move so much better than the freezing cold dojo in the winter. We started out, with a partner, shifting in and out with reverse punch, then shuffle in and out with reverse punch and then stationary front snap kick, side thrust kick and roundhouse kicks back and forth. We then did some dynamic stretching with leg raises to the front, back and each side.

Drop and move sound simple but it for me, it wasn’t

Next, we moved into horse stance with single punches and then double punches. While still in the horse stance, we moved into a front stance, then into a back stance and back into a horse stance. Building on what we worked on last week, the key was to stay low between movements and not move up and down between each transition by dropping down before moving. This particular move is something that we have worked on for years but I really didn’t understand it until Sensei Noia started having us do these drills.

The next drill continued to build upon this foundation. We started in the standard front stance with a downward block, dropping first, moving forward and focusing on the draw hand. From there, we moved forward doing downward blocks dropping before each stance and really focusing on the draw hand. After that, we moved forward in a front stance with downward block but then, moved into a ready stance with two punches. This was little different because we reversed the hip action moving from the front stance to the ready stance with punches.

We worked on Taikyoku Shodan, doing each move with the drop and go from the drills above. We did it three times and at that point, my legs were roasted. After that, all the black belts did Gojushiho Sho and he brown belts did Jion again, with the same hip action and drop and go stances. We did that twice and then split up and did it again with our respective groups with one more kata at the end with everyone on the floor.

You can always learn something new

Maybe I missed something over the past 12 years of training but today was one of those days where my eyes were opened to something new. The stance and techniques were nothing different than the ones I did for last 12 years but it goes to show, you can always learn something new and improve while training Karate.

I am behind on the posts before this one and will be adding those soon but this class was so good, I needed to post it now.

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