Exam time drills always make Karate class interesting

We started class with a partner doing alternating kicks (front snap kick, roundhouse kick and side thrust kick) with shuffle up front leg and then rear leg to get warmed up.

A quick anchorman sparring session for the people who are testing for Shodan. I went off to the side with another student to work on some kata since both of us forgot our sparring gear. We worked on Gojushiho Sho and ended up doing four or five katas.

Back to the same partner to do one-step sparring for the others who are testing for Kyu ranks. Doing one-step, since I have been a Shodan, is always fun since I am not limited to the exam rules for one-step which is fairly simple when it comes to block and counterattack. Doing counter attacks with elbows or other attacks is always something that keeps each partner on their toes.

We spent a good amount of time working on the exam basics which includes a lot of kicks, more than I remember, standard block and counter moves going forward and back along with a lot of shifting movements. I don’t know how many we did but it seemed as if the shifting was never going to end.

After that, it was time for kata. For this, all the people who are examining has to do the kata for the rank they hope to achieve and everyone was able to pick the kata of their choice which gave me some more time to work on a new kata.

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