Kicks continued

Still working on kicks, Sensei Noia had many kicking drills for us today.

Kata and kata mirror image

We started class with one of my favorite warm ups doing all the Heian katas 1 through 5 and then doing them again but in mirror image. Mirror image is always a great warm up, not only for the body but also for the mind.

And the kicks continue

We did all of the following kicks, with both legs forward, all from a stationary front stance setting the kicking foot back behind:

  • Stationary front snap kick
  • Stationary roundhouse kick
  • Stationary front leg roundhouse setting the kicking leg back down in front
  • Stationary spinning back kick
  • Stationary front snap kick, side thrust kick, back kick, roundhouse kick

Grab some wall

For the next drill, we held on to a wall with one hand and did a side thrust kick above the pad that our partner was holding, we circled the pad clockwise and counter clockwise and after 10 of those one partner does a kata while the other held up the side thrust kick until they were done.  We then turn and put our other hand on the wall and did the same.

Time to work some kata

Sensei had us work on parts of Bassai Dai up to the first kiai, many times, making sure that we were doing the moves correctly.  Some of the details that Sensei covered was the hip rotation with the blocks at the start of the kata, the hip movements on the punch block combination and the four back stances before the low side thrust kick at the kiai.

We finished up class working on the kata of our choice, doing it at least 3 times.

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