Good Karate classes go by too fast

Today’s class covered sparring, basics and kata. Sensei made sure that we had a taste of everything today and sadly, it made the class go by too quickly.

Free sparring and one step

Class started with some free sparring to get everyone warmed up. We switched partners about every minute so that almost everyone had a chance to work with every other student.

After the free sparring, we worked on one-step sparring. We did all six of our attacks which includes:

  • Front punch to the face
  • Front punch to the stomach
  • Front snap kick to the stomach
  • Side thrust kick to the stomach
  • Roundhouse kick to the stomach or head
  • Spinning back kick to the stomach

Time for basics

Sensei was able to fit a lot of basics into a short period of time. We started with moving forward, front snap kick and side thrust kick to the side. We did the same again but we added back kick and then an extra front snap kick for a total of four kicks with each count.

Next came front snap kick, side thrust kick, back kick and front snap kick. We did the same but this time added reverse punch after the four kicks.

For the next kicking drill we did side thrust kick and roundhouse kick to the front then step down with reverse punch. We then did roundhouse kick and side thrust kick to the front still stepping forward with a reverse punch.

We finished up our kicking basics with double front snap kick and double roundhouse kick moving forward. The double roundhouse kicks are done moving forward in a front stance with two steps and two kicks.

Next we worked on the rest of our basics which included moving forward and backward in a back stance with a knife hand block, front snap kick into a front stance with a spear hand strike. Next, we worked on front stance with inward block, move into horse stance with elbow strike and back fist.

The last kihon drill was outward block with jab and reverse punch.

We finished class working on the kata of your choice.

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