Most days are good days for pad drills

Today was a good day for pad drills but most days are good days for pad drills, right?

Stationary drills

Sensei had us pick a partner and get a pad for stationary punching drills.  We started in a horse stance punching the pad ten times and then it was our partners turn.  We did the same in a front stance with reverse punch and then more punches while in a cross leg stance.

After that, we started in a front stance, stepped into a cross leg stance with a reverse punch and then we drew back into a front stance again.

Moving drills

Next, we put the pads away and moved into some moving drills.  Starting from a feet together stance:

  • Move forward into a cross leg stance with a low X block
  • Back to feet together
  • Move forward into a cross leg stance with a helping block
  • Back to feet together and reach to the front
  • Move into cross leg stance with front a punch.

One kata, many moves over and over

For kata training Sensei had us work on Empi,  We starting doing the first four moves a few times and then we moved through the rest of the kata working on sections.  After that we did the full kata and we moved on to a kata or our chice with full power and full speed to finish up class.

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