We can stance if we want to

Today, Sensei Noia had us spend a lot of time working on stance training.  I don’t know about you but I can never get enough stance training no matter how much I train and classes like these always help.

We can stance if we want to

We started out jogging back and forth across the dojo for our warm up.  After that, we did different stances including front, back, horse, cat and cross-leg stances from one end of the dojo to the middle.  Once at the middle, we turned 180 degrees and did the same back to the start of the dojo.  We did the same thing again but this time we added any hand technique we wanted to the mix of stances.

Next, Sensei stepped it up a notch and had us do a left leg front stance with a downward block to the front and then turn 180 degrees behind into a front stance with a downward block.  We did the same starting with the right leg forward with a downward block.  We did the same drill again but this time we added a reverse punch after each downward block.  We did the same once again but this time we did a double punch after the downward blocks.  The key to this entire drill was to turn from the hips when making those turns.  It’s easy to just move the back leg and let the shoulders take over to make the turn but that’s not the way to do it.

For the next drill, we started by stepping into a left leg forward front stance with a reverse punch, then we pulled back into a cat stance with outward block and then we moved into a back stance with double arm block manji uke ( two armed high outward block and downward block).

In my previous posts, it seems I have been spelling manji as mange which is wrong. My bad, 50 push ups for me and now I have to watch the first Karate kid movie without popcorn.

For the next drill, we stepped into a front stance with a triple punch, then stepped back into cat stance with low knife hand block and then we stepped into a back stance with manji uke (high outward and downward block).  Hey look, I spelled it right this time. Although, I did have to correct the spelling again.

Hit them with your butt

We spent the rest of the class working on some kata bunkai from Gojushiho Sho.  We started with the moves after the first kiai in the kata.  The first part is, someone is grabbing you from behind with their arms around your upper body and you bend forward while hitting them hard with your butt.  The second part is, you hit them with both hands behind you, using your knuckles to strike their ribs.  The third part is, if they are still holding on to you, which I don’t think the will be, you turn to your left and throw them down.

Next, we worked on the third and second from the last moves of the kata.  The first move is blocking their grabbing attack with both hands using a bent wrist, ridge hand moving your arms in an upward motion.  The second move is to step in and hit them in the area where their shoulder meets with their chest on both arms.  This is a painful place to get hit and I am pretty sure that it will buy some to time to run from your attacker or hit them with something else to end the attack.

We finished up class doing a kata of our choice four times.  Since we worked on the bunkai from Gojushiho Sho, I thought that doing it would make for a good end to a great class.

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