Top 5 or 6 posts of 2013

Below is a list of the most viewed posts on for 2013.  Oddly enough, the majority of the most read posts are from years past, even as far back as 2009.

1 – Go-no-sen, tai-sen and de-ai – 10/29/09 – Thursday Karate class – This post from 2009 is about a topic that seems to get a great deal of interest.  The concepts of how we attack and counterattack, with the related timing, is always a hot topic and one that must be harder to grasp. I know that I am still fighting with these concepts myself and because of that, I wrote a more detailed and updated version of this post with more information on

2 – 2011 WSKA Championships – Even though this is a short post from over two years ago, the 2011 World Shotokan Karate Championships still gets a lot of visitors.  Maybe it’s the link to the youtube videos or it could have been people looking for information about the 2013 championships but either way, it is still very popular.

3 – The end of an era but we will still move forward – Happy Retirement Sensei Cieplik – 2013 was the end of an era when Sensei Cieplik retired and it showed how many people were interested by the large number of views.  For those you outside of my club, you might not know Sensei Cieplik but a lot of the information on this website if from concepts that he has shared with me over the last seven years.

4 – Combination kihon – I am not certain but I think the large amount of interest in this particular post is how to do a lot of kihon training in a small space.  I know that doing kihon in a elevator or in a small cubical space has been part of my training over the years and I assume that many others think the same way.

5 – 2013 Karate Nationals – It seems that big tournaments are a popular subject and the 2013 Karate Nationals was one of those big tournaments.


A punch with a twist – I had to add this post to the list of my top 5 posts because the number of views was just a few away from the number of views of our number 5 post.  This was one of my longer posts but I have feeling that the punch with a twist drill, near the end of the post,  was the topic that was being read most.

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