Thinking one-step sparring

Today was one of those classes that went by too fast.  It seems like we were just finished warming up and then class was over.  Although, with all of the kicking drills that we did, class going by fast might have been a good thing.

Work those kicks and hips too…

We started by getting a partner and a pad.  One partner was holding a cat stance and holding the pad flat in front, the other partner brought their leg straight up to the side and circled the pad with their foot three times and then did a roundhouse kick and hook kick, then touch the pad again and put it down.  This drill is certainly a hip opener and I am sure I will remember it for the next few days.

Thinking one-step sparring…

We spent a good amount of time working on one step sparring.  The difference today was that we could not use a rising, inward, outward or downward block, no knife hand blocks, no reverse or front punches or backfist or hammer fist counter attacks.

The idea was to use our minds and moves from various katas.  For example, one movement that I worked on was from the kata, Gojushiho sho.  My partner stepped in with a punch to my face and I stepped straight back, into a front stance and counter attacked with a rising elbow to their chin.  This movement is almost pure timing because as soon as the attacker starts to step in, you have to keep your ground, drop into a front stance and get that elbow under their chin before getting punched in the face.

Three katas of your choice…

We finished up class doing three different katas of our choice.  I worked on Gojushiho Sho, Hangestu and Bassai Dai.  I really enjoy doing kata in every class. Even though I spend a lot of time working on katas outside of class, I like to have big space of the dojo to work in.

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