All basics and kata class

Basics and kata, my kind of class.  Exam time is always my favorite times because we spend a lot of time working on basics and kata.  It really gives me a chance to make sure that I am still improving and that my techniques are still correct or not.

Here is the list of basics that we went through:

  • horse stance with punch, then double punch and triple punch
  • moving forward with front punch
  • front snap kick front punch
  • front snap kick, side thrust, back kick, reverse punch
  • same with roundhouse kick
  • front snap kick, side thrust to front, back fist
  • front snap kick front punch
  • double front snap kick
  • double roundhouse kick

One step with two counter attacks….

Next, we worked on some one step sparring.  For this drill, we worked on doing counter attacks with two techniques.  For example, when our partner would punch to the stomach we would block with a knife hand block, throw a roundhouse kick to the body and follow that with a backfist.

We finished up class with kata.  Sensei broke us out into groups of those doing Hangetsu, Empi and Bassai Sho.  Sensei had us all do kata at the same time while he watched each group and then he gave us something to improve upon.  I have been working on Bassi Sho for some time now but the ending movements are always the hardest for me and Sensei was a big help getting me on the right track.

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