One step is good for self defense

Today was a great class. We spent almost half the class working on one step sparring.  I really feel that we don’t do enough one step in class.  I feel that one-step is a huge part of self defense training which allows us to use our heads without getting our blocks knocked off.  All the flashy moves are cool but one step feels like reality to me.

We started out working on our standard six moves which include front punch to the face and stomach, front snap kick, side thrust kick, roundhouse kick and spinning back kick all with the common block and counter moves.

We then worked on any block and counter of our choice.  For example, step back with rising block when your partner is doing a front punch to the face.  This is something that I have been working on for long time and it is all timing.  If you step back too slow, you get punched in the face and if you step back too fast, you get punched in the face.

Sensie Noia wanted us to work on our blocks during one-step. He wants us to make sure that our blocks are effective and that we are just not moving out of the way.  His point was many students blocks are weak because they know that they won’t get hit when working on one-step but in real life, attackers don’t punch in a straight line.

Next, we worked on some basics, moving forward with punches and kicks and then combination movements.  We only did a few basics before moving on to kata.

We finished up class working on kata for those that are testing but with a twist for the Shodans.  We did Heian Yondan in mirror image. We then worked on the kata of our choice which was Bassai Sho and Gojushiho Sho for me and class was over much too soon.

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