A lot of Karate in a short time

Today, we did a lot of Karate in a short time.  We moved from one technique to the next and most of those we combination drills.

Get your basics done…

We started class moving forward and back in a front stance doing rising block, inward block, outward block and downward block all with reverse punch.  From there we did a back stance with knife hand block and then the same but we added spear hand in a front stance to that technique.

We followed those with outward block, jab and reverse punch.  Next came the best of the worst techniques, we did outward block in a front stance, elbow strike in a horse stance with back fist. We then did more kihon with our standard four blocks all with reverse punch both forward and back on our own.

Do some kicks…

We started our kicking drills with front snap kick and front punch and front snap kick with triple punch but making sure that we kept our hips straight and kicking to the center under our punching hand.  We then did front snap kick and side thrust kick, followed up with front snap kick, side thrust kick and back kick.  We then did front snap kick, side thrust kick, back kick, roundhouse kick and reverse punch.  We finished up the kicks with front snap kick, side thrust kick, back kick and roundhouse kick but doing two of each kick as we moved through the drill.

Now do some kata…

We ended class working one some kata.  We did Jion, Bassai Dail, Kanku Dai, Hangetsu, Empi, and Bassai Sho as a group and then two katas of our choice (Gojushiho Sho and Sochin for me) to finish up.

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