Stances and techniques

With exams right around the corner, Sensei Noia is having us spend extra time on our stances.  As we move through the ranks, stances become more important and moving from brown belt to Shodan or beyond, every part of the stance is under the microscope.  This includes how low the stance is, hip rotation and protecting the groin area just to name a few.

We started this class moving across the floor in all different stances which included front stance, back stance, horse stance, cat stance and cross leg stance.  We then did the same but with a single block or strike with each stance.  Then the same again with combination techniques.

Next came stationary punches which started in a front stance with us reaching left, pivoting 90 degrees to the left and punching, then reaching to the right, pivoting 180 degrees and punching, then reaching to the front, pivoting 90 degrees and punching and then reaching back behind, pivoting 180 degrees and punching to the rear.  We did the same drill again but this time starting with the right foot forward.  Then once more but all moves with one count.

We then worked on Bassai Dai and did the first few moves many times focusing on hip rotation and speed of the hand movements.  After that, we worked on Kanku Dai and did the first moves many times and then the entire kata once.  We spent the rest of the class working on the kata of our choice and Sensei came around and gave us something to work on to help us improve on.

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