Horse stances and more horse stances

For this class, Sensei Noia had us start by moving forward in different stances. The key to this drill was to stay low and not move up and down between stances.  We then did the same drill but this time we added techniques such as blocks or punches with each stance while moving forward and back.

Next, we did horse stance with punches.  We then moved into square leg stance with punches.  After those, we started in a horse stance, shuffled to the left and moved into a front stance with a front punch, then back into a horse stance with a punch again, then shuffle to the right into a front stance with a punch.  For the next drill, we started in a horse stance, then pivoted to the left with a reverse punch, back to center with a front punch, then pivot to the right with a reverse punch.

For the next drill, we  moved forward with front stance and punch, then shuffled once, then shuffled again and did a reverse punch and a front punch.

We spent the rest of the class doing kata.  For this drill, we worked on a part of our kata that we are trying to improve and then we did one full kata at 100% speed and power to end the class.

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