Partner kicks and a lot of them

The class was mostly kicks and lots of them.  Sensei Noia must have been thinking up ways to keep most of us from walking for the next few days or maybe he was just trying to help us older students use up our sick time at our work.  All kidding aside, it was a real hip opener.

We started out with our partner in a left leg front stance holding right hand to right hand doing roundhouse kick and hook kick.  From the same stance, we low roundhouse kick and high hook kick.  After that, we did roundhouse kick, hook kick, side thrust kick, high roundhouse kick and hook kick.  We finished up this drill doing a few or many more kicks where we did one kick, then two, then three all the way to 10 doing a different kick each time.

We spent the last few minutes of class working on kata.  Sensei has us do the kata twice, doing each move fast but without the rhythm and then once more at full speed and power.  I choose Gojushiho Sho since it’s a nice short kata with only 54 moves, insert sarcasm here.

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