Hit the pad and drop a little lower in your stance

Class today was enjoyable, even if it was painful.  No too painful but enough that I will remember it tomorrow.  There’s nothing better than doing lots of kata and some good ole pad hitting.  You just cannot hit the pads enough.  Not only does hitting the pads help with stress relief, it also allows us to strike at full power without having to stop our technique like when we strike at the air.

Kata for warm up….

Warming up with kata is also a double edge sword for me.  I would guess that my first few katas are really ugly and way over the top until my body starts to warm up.  It feels like my back hip is locked up into my lower back but after the first three katas they start to improve.

We did Heian Shodan through Heian Godan and then all five again but mirror image.  Mirror image is always a good challenge and it really makes all of us slow down.  It’s more of a mental challenge but having to slow down allows us to make each technique better because it gives us more time to think about the next move.

Get a partner and a pad….

Like I mentioned earlier, hitting the pads really are a good gauge of how hard you can strike and how accurate your attacks really are.  We started in a horse stance with single punch and double punch to the pad.

We then moved into a cross legged stance and punched again.  Cross leg stance is always a good challenge for the person holding the pad because if you do not squeeze your muscles and drop down into the stance you will fall over.  I have found that if you drop ever so slightly into the stance it will make it much more solid.  You really have to time it well but it does work against even the hardest punches.

Next, we moved into a cat stance.  This works mostly the same as the cross leg stance and dropping low in the stance works well.

The concept also works with the horse stance but if you are in a solid stance and tighten your core you should already have some good stability.

Time for high belt kata….

Sensei had us start with Kanku Dai.  We did the first kata very slowly with clean techniques and then the next a little faster and the third kata at full speed.

After that, we did another kata, of your choice, three more times the same way we did Kanku Dai.  I tired Sochin this time and it felt pretty good, I remembered the entire kata and that always helps make the kata better.

Class ended on a good note because I was able to walk out on my own power and days like those are always good days.

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