Shift in and jab with a salad bowl motion

We started with the normal kicking warm up doing all of the following moves while stationary:

  • Front snap kick to the front
  • Front leg front snap kick with rear leg front snap kick
  • Front snap kick, side thrust kick to the side, and back kick to the rear
  • Knee strike, front snap kick, knee strike, front snap kick
  • Front snap kick, side thrust kick to the side, back kick, roundhouse kick to the front, hook kick to the front and front snap kick to the front

Shift in and jab with a salad bowl motion….

After our warm up, we worked on a shifting with jab drill.  When shifting forward, the idea is to move in a salad bowl (I really think Sensei Cieplik should patent this term) motion and drop down before the jab to get tension in the legs and then drive forward with the body letting the jab hand go forward and up into your target.  That dropping motion of the hip creates a great amount of power and lets the jab hand fly out very quickly.

Help your partner….

For the rest of class, we partnered up.  Sensei had all of the black belts and above on one side of the dojo and had a Kyu rank partner up with each one.  We started out doing one-step with green belts and above and three-step sparring with blue belts and below.

We started out in a group doing Jion with the 3rd kyu and after doing it twice, Sensei sent each of the 3rd Kyu with a Shodan or higher to help them work out the details of their kata.  One of the things that I enjoy most about working with others is that I also learn something about the kata that we are working on.  When sharing what I have learned with someone else, I have a moment to realize how I am doing the moves and how they can be applied.  It also makes me slow down and stop doing the movements automatically.  Doing Jion is always good kata to work with others on because it is all basic movements done in a sequence that flow together fairly well and can be broken up into sections.

As always, another excellent class came to an end all too soon.

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