Move from stance to stance very fast

Move from stance to stance very fast…

We started in a horse stance, then stepped left into a front stance, then back to horse stance and then into right front stance.  We did a similar drill next, starting in horse stance, then into left foot forward front stance, then right foot forward front stance, then back to horse stance, then into left foot forward back stance and then into right foot forward back stance.  There we a couple more of these types of drills with some more arm techniques but the stances we the same or at least similar.  The idea behind these drills is to move between stances as fast as possible while still having the stances look like what they are supposed to look like.  Moving really fast and having a back stance look like a horse stance is not the goal here.

Counting kata…

Sensei Noia started our kata work with Kanku Dai.  For the first kata, Sensei counted out each move for us going slow and controlled.  For the next kata, we did then full power and speed while still moving to the count but Sensei would stop us and have us repeat certain movements based on what he saw..

Next, we worked on Gojushiho Sho, slow and counted the first time.  After that, Sensei had us pay extra attention to the turns from front stance into horse stance.  The speed of those turns should be similar to the speed in the turns from the last rising block to downward block in front stance like Heian Shodan or also like the turn from front punch to the back stance with high and low block in back stance in Jion.

We then finished up class with another kata at full speed and power on our own.

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