A dfferent drill

This class was different.  Different related to some drills that I never remember doing before.

We started out doing Heian Shodan through Heian Godan and Tekki Shodan and then back down again for a 12 kata warmup.  This we have done before.

Different drill…

After the kata warm up we did the “different” drill.  We started standing in a ready stance, from there we punched to the front with the left hand, then pivoted on our heels to the right and did an outward block similar to the moves from from Bassai Dai. We did the same punching with the right hand and then pivoting to the left.

We did the same drill with the punches but we did rising block, inward block, outward block, downward block and knife hand block.  I have a feeling that this was more of a hip opening drill, at least for me, but I will say it was a mental drill too.

We finished up doing kata, starting with Jion, Bassai Dai, Empi, Kanku Dai and ending with Gojushiho Sho.

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