Classes with lots of kata are good for me

We started warming up with a partner, facing each other in a horse stance up.  From there we did front punch, double punch, and triple punch at our partner. After that, we moved into a cross leg stance and did double punch, then we moved into a cat stance with a single punch, then back stance with outward block and punch

After the stance and punching drills, we moved into kicks.  We front snap kick to the front and side thrust kick to the side.  Next was front snap kick to the front, side thrust kick to the side, back kick to the back  and roundhouse kick to the front.  We did the same kicks as above with the addition of hook kick to the front, side thrust kick to front then step down with reverse punch.

The more kata, the better….

One of the things that I have enjoyed most lately is the time that Sensei Noia has been spending on kata with us.  We spend almost half the class working on kata and it has been awesome.

We started out doing Jion with the third kyu’s, then Bassai Dai with the second & first kyu’s and then we split up.  From there we spent the rest of the class working on Kanku Dai and Gojushiho Sho while Sensei gave us tips and details on what we needed to improve in our kata.

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