Double Karate class and I am still here to share it.

Today was a double Karate class because we had a make up class due to a snow storm that canceled class that day.  I am excited that I am here to type about it because, I thought that I would be laying on the dojo floor for the next few days recovering.

We started class running to the middle of the dojo and back. After that, we went the same distance doing butt kickers, knee ups and then combination butt kicks with knee ups.

We spent the next 15 minutes doing free sparring.  Because this was a double class for both the advanced and intermediate ranks, Sensei Noia had all the Shodans go with the lower ranks.  The reason for this was to allow the lower ranks to learn how it is to work with someone at a much higher level and to also allow the higher ranks to work on skills that are not their best.  For example. my front hand jab has always been extremely successful for me because of the speed and reach that I can get from that attack.  My reverse punch has never been anywhere near as effective as my jab so I exclusively used my reverse punch while working with my lower ranked partner so that I would not only help them but I would improve also.

After our sparring, it was all basics…

We did all of the following drills moving forward.  We start with front punch, then triple punch, then front snap kick with front punch, then front snap kick with triple punch and then front snap kick and side thrust kick, step down with reverse punch.

Much kata..

We spent the rest of the first hour working on kata.  We started with Taikyoku Shodan very slowly and counted out twice.  We then did it again with outward block and reverse punch for every step.  Then the same again but this time we did double outward blocks.  Once more, but with double outward block and a triple punch.  It’s really a good way to take a basic kata and enhance it.

We moved on to parts of Jion, many parts that is.  Sensei wanted us to work on making the turns faster and we did do many of them. We then did the entire kata at full power and full speed.

Kanku Dai was up next and we did one time slow and counted out and then one time at medium speed on our own which ended the first hour.

Round two, more kata…

We spent the entire second hour working on kata and mostly Kanku Dai.  The key parts of Kanku Dai that we worked on were:

When getting ready for the side snap kicks, find your balance, bring both hands to the opposite side of the kick, keep the arms close to the body, back straight and posture up.  When doing the side snap kick itself, keep the arm opposite the kicking leg close to the body.  Do not let the elbow fly out.  I lost count at how many times we did these movements but it took up close to 30 minutes of class.

We also worked on the moves where you drop to the floor with your right need forward and then move into the lowest back stance of your life along with some work on the various turns throughout the kata.

For the last 10 minutes of class, we were able to pick any kata that we wanted to do three times.  The first time though was slow, the second time was fast moves but no rhythm and the third time with everything that should be in the kata.  I ended up doing Gojushiho Sho for my three katas.

Picking Gojushiho Sho might have not of been my best choice because of 54 moves for each kata but even after 162 total moves, I made it through both hours and was still able to walk out on my own two feet and type this too.

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