Sen no sen and sen sen no sen

A lot of work in a what seemed like a short time.  Sensei Cieplik kept us moving with kicks, kihon, partner drills and kata.  We also spent time working on sen no sen and sen sen no sen.

If you aren’t warm after this, you just aren’t kicking…

Rear leg front snap kick for 20 times each leg
Front leg front snap kick with rear leg step back for 10 times each leg
Front snap kick to front with back kick to rear for 5 times each leg
Front snap kick to front and side thrust kick to the side for 5 times each leg
Front snap kick to front, side thrust kick to side, back kick to the rear, roundhouse kick to the front, hook kick to the front and front snap kick to the front for 3 times each leg
Start in front stance with reverse hand out in front, pull front hand back and front snap kick with rear leg then step back down and punch for 5 times each side

Kihon in front stance…..

We started our kihon drills with knee strike, front snap kick, pivot 90 degrees and set it down.  Next came front leg front snap kick, step down with triple punch.  After that, Sensei felt that our kicks needed some help so he had us hug our front leg, move forward and step down.  The next drill was front leg front snap kick, move forward with triple punch.  We finished off front leg stances with front leg front snap kick, drop into a low lunge then step forward with a triple punch.

Kihon in a horse stance….

We started in a straddle leg stance with our toes out at 90 45 degrees, and squatted all the way down then rocking side to side.  After that, from the same stance, we moved right to left trying to move our feet as little as possible but still moving our bodies.

After our hips were torched, I mean warm up, for horse stance we did step across from horse stance to horse stance.  Next, we did step across with side thrust kick, then side snap kick, then both side snap kick with side thrust kick.

The next horse stance drill was different.  For this, we stepped across and did a side snap kick, then a low hook kick to sweep the leg and then a side thrust kick to the knee to take them down to the ground.

Straddle leg stance side snap hook sweep side thrust both legs

Kata and sen no sen and sen sen no sen….

We started working on kata by doing Heian Shodan very slowly.  After that, we worked on some techniques from the article that I posted on

Sen no sen is where one partner reverse punches and the other partner blocks and punches at the same time.  The other drill we worked on was Sen sen no sen where one partner attacks and the other partner attacks and counters that attack at the same time.

We finished up kata doing H1 – H3 twice, H4, H5 and Tekki Shodan and then we finished up with Jion up to the first kiai twice.

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