20 katas and counting

Sensei Noia kept us moving with lots of kicks, lots of kata and some bunkai all in under 60 minutes.  I am glad he did because the dojo was freezing cold.  Even though we did a good warm up, it was still cold.

Our warm up consisted of jogging across the dojo half way and back, then full distance and back for five times.  I was noticing some slight cramping in my calves but I think it was because of the cold temperature.

We moved into some kihon after the warm up and started moving forward in a front stance doing front snap kick, side thrust kick and back.  We then did the same kicks but stepped down into a different stance each time which included back stance, horse stance, cat stance and cross leg stance.

We then did a moving drill where we did two steps with downward block on the first step and rising block on the second step.  We then did another drill four steps where the first was downward block and then we followed that with three steps with rising blocks.

20 plus katas….

We started with Taikyoku Shodan twice, then Heian Shodan twice, Heian Nidan 3 times, Heian Sandan once, Jion twice, Bassai Dai twice, Kanku Dai twice, Hangetsu twice, Empi 3 times and Bassai Sho twice.  We did the kata the first time while Sensei was counting and each kata after was on our own with full power and full speed.

Bunkai from your kata….

We spent the rest of the class working on bunkai from Heian Shodan and Heian Nidan.

For the first drill, we started with bunkai for Heian Shodan.  The attacker steps in and punches, the defender blocks with the reaching hand, does a rising strike under the attackers chin and grabs the back of the attackers head and takes them down to the floor.  It was a simple drill that is easy to execute but also effective.

For the next drill we worked on Bunkai from Heain Nidan.  The attacker punches, the defender blocks with a right hand knife hand block, then the defender reaches with the left hand and outward blocks with the right hand, the defender grabs the attackers punching hand then kicks to the knee or higher to take them down to the floor so that they are kneeling and the defender  then follows that up with a punch to the back of the head.

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