Sparring and more

During the session after Karate exams Sensei Noia brings out the sparring drills and today was a good example.  Sensei spent almost the entire class working on sparring from slow motion drills to three man tag team action.

Tough warm up…

For the warm up, Sensei had us start running in place, from there we ran to the quarter line and did mountain climbers.  At the half line, we did burpees also known as squat thrusts. At the three quarter line was jumping jack and at the end line we started with running in place again.  We did this four times and if you weren’t warm by then, chances are you were sitting on the side.

Sparring and more...

We started with one partner and did slow motion sparring, slow speed with no ego, and then switched partners until we worked with five different people.

After that, everyone put their sparring gear on and worked on three person drills where one person was in the middle, facing one partner who attacked and the middle person blocked and counter, then switched direction facing the other partner and then repeated.

After that, everyone moved into groups of two for free sparring.

Kata for me…

I have not been doing the sparring drills so I went off to the side to work on kata. I did all of the katas that I know and end up doing a couple of them twice for a total of 20.

Sensei ended class with a leg building drill.  One low walk, squat, low walk other leg, squat and repeat across the entire dojo.

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