Basically, it was all basics

Exams are coming to an end and today was one of the last chances for get in some cramming before them.  Sensei Noia made sure that anyone who is taking exams are as ready as possible with what we did today.

Warm up by punching your partner….

Partner moves forward with a front face (jodan) punch, other partner steps back with rising block, then steps in with punch, first partner moved back with rising block.  Next, same punches and foot movements with stomach (chudan) punch and inward block.

Basically, it was all basics….

Starting in a horse stance we did 10 punches, then five double punches, then five triple punches and five rising blocks.

After that, we were moving forward and backward doing rising block with reverse punch, then downward block with reverse punch, then outward block with reverse punch and outward block, jab with reverse punch.

Next came, moving forward with front snap kick and triple punch.  Then moving forward with double front snap kick, then double roundhouse kick, then front snap kick with roundhouse kick and reverse punch, then roundhouse kick with side thrust kick and reverse punch.

We followed those, from a horse stance, stepping across with side thrust kick and side snap kick.  Always a crowd pleaser.

After that from a front stance, moving forward with front snap kick to the front, side thrust kick to the side and back kick to the rear.  Same as above but add roundhouse kick.  Front snap kick to the front, side thrust kick to the front then step down with reverse punch ended the kicking drills.

One-step at a time….

One step with a Kyu rank.  Front punch to the head, front punch to the stomach, front snap kick the stomach, side thrust kick to the stomach, roundhouse kick to the head and back kick the stomach are the attacks.  Any block and counter is acceptable but for those testing for Shodan, keep it simple for your exam..

Kata for all….

We started with Jion, then Bassai Dai, then either our choice of Hangetsu or Empi, then Tekki Shodan and one last kata for cool down.

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