Testing means many basics and kicks too

Today, Sensei Noia had us work on a lot of basics. Testing is starting and basics need to be good.  We did a lot of kicks again and I have feeling that the theme for exams this time around is, you guessed it, kicks.

Lots of basics…

We started moving forward across the dojo in a front stance with the following blocks, downward, inward and rising block all with reverse punch.  We then moved backward across the dojo doing the same blocks with reverse punches.

The next drill had us moving forward in a different stance (front stance, back stance, horse stance, cat stance, cross leg stance) with each step. Next, we moved forward in a back stance with downward block, assisted outward block and then the upward and downward double block from Heian Godan and many of the black belt katas.

Next came, moving forward with front leg front snap kick, step down with downward block and then reverse punch.  We then did the same drill as above but we did roundhouse kick instead of front snap kick.

The next drill was moving forward with front leg sweep and reverse punch.  Then we moved forward with front leg front snap kick and spinning back kick.

Partner up and get a pad….

We started across from our partner in a horse stance and did a single punch, then a double punch and a triple punch.

We then did a front stance with rear leg front snap kick, then a front stance with a rear leg front snap kick to the front and side thrust kick to the side and then the same but we added a back kick.  Next came, a front snap kick to the front, side thrust kick to the front and back kick to the rear.  We finished up class with a front snap kick, side thrust kick, front snap kick, back kick, roundhouse kick, front snap kick.

Just to clarify, not all of the the kicks above were to the pad because our partner stayed in the same position even when we kicked to the side or back.

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