Roundhouse clinic

This class was what I describe as a roundhouse clinic because more than two thirds of the class was spent doing roundhouse kicks.

And the kicks began….

We warmed up with front snap kick.  Then we did knee strike with front snap kick and knee strike.  Next came front leg front snap kick with rear leg front snap kick.

We moved on the stationary roundhouse kick where we kick to the front and then put the kicking foot back down behind us.  We then did stationary vertical knee strike many times, so many I lost count.  We then partnered up and hit the pad with vertical knee strikes.

Turn on the heals…..

Although we have been told this many times, when doing Heain Shodan, Heina Nidan and Heian Sandan, turn on the heels for the moves with knife hand blocks.

For the rising strike (block) on the third from the last and the last move of Heian Nidan align body for maximum power.  Your back leg and rising arm should almost form a diagonal line.

In Heian Sandan, the crossing arm movements are arm breaks but with zanshin between each move.  First cross arm move breaks the attackers first arm, then pause and wait for possible second attack, then second cross arm move breaks attacker second arm.

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