All kicks Tuesday

I am going to call this the summer of kicks and today was all kicks Tuesday.  Sensei Noia is having us spend a lot class time working on improving our kicks too.

For our warm up, we spent a couple minutes in a horse stance doing front punch, double punch, triple punch, rising block, inward block, outward block and front snap kick.

Let the kicks begin….

Like a tidal way, the kicks came rolling in.  We started with many roundhouse kicks which include single, double and triple kicks.  A real hip opener was front leg roundhouse kick, rear leg roundhouse kick and front leg roundhouse kick all on one count.

Next came front snap kick with side thrust kick.  We followed those up with a drill where we picked up our front knee to belt level and then hopped up and then did a front snap kick.

We then got a partner and pad.  We did started hitting our partner with roundhouse kicks, then hook kicks and then combination roundhouse and hook kicks.  We must have did more than a 100 kicks.

We finished up working on spinning back kicks and then double spinning back kicks, which were a little different to say the least.

I am sure that my hips will let me know how many kicks we did when I get up tomorrow morning.

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