Slip sliding away

The dojo floor was a little (lot) slippery today.  There is not a lot of air movement and with 40 people doing kihon and kata, it was a little wet to say the least.

Sensei Cieplik had us work on a lot of kicks again. We did the normal kicking warmup and then came the following:

  • Front snap kick 20 times
  • Knee strike with front snap kick 20 times
  • Front leg front snap kick with rear leg front snap kicks 10 times
  • Roundhouse kick 10 times
  • Front leg roundhouse kick with rear leg roundhouse kicks 5 times

We followed those up with moving forward and backward with reverse punch.  We then did moving forward and backward with double reverse punch.

Next came stepping across in a horse stance,.  Then we did side thrust kick and side snap kick from a horse stance and then a combination of both kicks from a horse stance.partner, wrist

Break away…

We paired up and did a drill where our partner grabs our wrist and we break away by relaxing our body.  The idea is, if we tighten up our body, our attacker is using our own strength against us but if we relax, we can easily slip out of their grip/

Slippery kata….

We spent the rest of our class working on kata and trying not to end up on the floor.  We did Heian 1 to Heian 5, then Tekki Shodan, Jion, and bassai Dai.  We also did Kanku Dai three times trying to keep our stances in a straight line.

The wet floor brings our Karate movements to a whole different level, sometimes at floor level.

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