Combination kihon

For many classes now, Sensei Noia has us working on what I am going to call combination kihon.  We start with two techniques and then do it in four directions or on angles..  This covers a lot of techniques without having us march up and down the dojo.

Combination kihon…

We started doing downward block with reverse punch, then pivot to the left with downward block and reverse punch, then pivot to the right with downward block and reverse punch.  We then did the same pivot movements again but instead of downward block with reverse punch we did outward block with reverse outward block.  Then we did the same but with inward blocks.

Back stances came next.  We did  back stance with knife hand block, then squeeze back into cat stance with low knife hand block and then move into a  front stance with knife hand strike to neck level..

We then did outward block and reverse outward block, then step back on an angle to the left with inward block and reverse outward block, back to center again and then repeat stepping back on an angle to the right.

Now for some kicks…

We started moving forward with front snap kick front and side thrust kick to the side.  We then added back kick for a few and then finally roundhouse kick so that we were moving forward doing four kicks for each step.

We did not have much time left but we were able to get in five katas before class ended.  We  a Heian Sandan and Heian Godan and then the kata of our choice (I did Gojushiho sho) and class was over all too fast.

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