Twist thier knee and drop them.

This class went by very fast for some reason.  Sensei Cieplik had us spend a lot of time working on shin clashes and knee take-downs.

Get your daily basics in…

After our warm up, we did moving forward and backward downward block with reverse punch, rising block with reverse punch, inward block with reverse punch, outward block with jab and reverse punch and from a front stance, inward block into horse stance with elbow strike and backfist.

Next, moving forward and back we did back stance with knife hand block.  Then back stance with knife hand block, front snap kick and then shift into front stance with spear hand strike.

We finished up our basics in a horse stance stepping across only.  Then we did stepping across with side thrust kick.  Then came side snap kick and we finished up with side snap kick and side thrust kick, one step with two kicks.

Hit their shin, twist their knee and drop them….

For our partner drills, we worked on shin clash and knee take-down.  One partner was in a front stance and the other was standing ready.  The standing partner stepped into a front stance, striking the shin of our partner with our foot on the outside and our knee on the inside of their leg.  From there, the partner that stepped in twisted their knee from the inside to the outside of our partners knee.  This motion makes them want to follow their knee down to the ground.

We did a good amount of kata before class ended.  The kata’s in included Heain Shodan twice, Heian Nidan, Heian Sandan, Heian Yondan, Heian Godan three times, Jion twice, Bassai Dai and lastly Kanku Dai.

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