Too fast

There are days when class goes by too fast and today was one of those days.  Even though Sensei Noia had us work on many different movements, that clock was spinning faster than usual.

Get a partner….

We partnered up and started our drills in a horse stance.  From there we alternated jodan front punch with rising block, chudan front punch with inward block and gedan punch with downward block.

For the next drill, we did the same alternating movement but this time moving forward and backward in a front stance.

Get your kicks in….

Next, we did kicks.  We did moving forward with front snap kick, side thrust kick, back kick and roundhouse kick.  We did two kicks for one count with a three second pause in between each kick and then three kicks for one count, again,  with a three second pause in between kicks.  Trying to balance between the kicks was really tough after doing all those kicks.

Watch my kata…

For the next drill, Sensei had us go back to our original partner.  One partner did their kata while the other watched and gave one good thing and one thing that needs to be corrected about their kata.  Then the other partner did the same.

Constant punches…

We finished up class doing constant punches but moving front stance to stance.  The stances included horse stance, front stance, cat stance, back stance, cross leg stance, fudo dachi and sanchin dachi.

We covered a lot of good stuff and I only wish we had more time because it really got away from us today.

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