Put your hand on the wall and kick

I know I have said this in the past but there are some days where I am already tired after only the warm up.  Of course, after the tough warm up, Sensei Noia had is spend a lot of time on our kicks today.

Warm up….

Jog to the far end of the dojo and back four times.  Then, to the far end and back once with each of the following: high knees up in front, butt kickers, front leg raise and low walks.

Advanced one step….

Sensei had us partner up and do some one-step drills.  For those who are not testing, we could do our one-step block and counter any way we liked.  Instead of the standard outward blocks and reverse punch, we were allowed to use knife hand blocks, elbow strikes, open hand techniques, and even knee strikes.  Using those techniques always makes one step a little more challenging and realistic compared to the standard moves.

Put your hand on the wall and kick….

Next, we all found a place on the wall, stood close to it and put our left hand on it.  From there, we did side snap kicks with side thrust kicks for each count with a total of 10 for each side.

Next, we did a kata of our choice (Heian Sandan for me) with no hands very slowly.

Back to the wall but this time we did three side snap kicks for each count on both side.

We then did kata again with no hands but full power legs and hips.

Back to the wall for side snap kick, high roundhouse kick and low side thrust kick for each count.

We did the kata again with hands this time to the first kiai.

Back to the wall with side snap kick, roundhouse kick and hook kick.

Now kata from where we left off at the first kiai to the end.

Back to the wall on last time but now what ever number Sensei said, we did that many kicks.  Our choice of kicks were, side snap kick, roundhouse, hook kick and side thrust kick.  I cannot remember for certain but I would guess we did over 50 kicks for each leg on this one drill.

We finished up class with one last full speed and power kata.

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