Pivot out of the way

Today, Sensei Cieplik had us work on our kicks again and some what I will call fluid one-step sparring.

Kicks and basics, basics and kicks…..

One of my favorite drills, although not a pure kicking movement is similar to move in the kata called Unsu.  For this move, we start in a left leg forward front stance, do a rear leg front snap kick, twist your body (from the hips) 90 degrees and put the kicking leg back down behind us.  The turn needs to be done with the body, especially the hips, and putting the foot back down behind needs to be done forcefully, much like a move in itself.

We also did shuffle up front leg front snap kick with rear leg front snap kick.  Next we did shuffle up front leg roundhouse kick with rear leg roundhouse kick.

The next drill was moving sideways in a horse stance with side snap kick, then side thrust kick and then both of those kicks for each count.

After many kicks, we worked on our basics.  Moving forward and back with the normal blocks and reverse punches but Sensei added something different.  We did moving forward and back with rising block, same arm rising elbow strike and reverse punch.  The idea was to do this move smoothly and be able to react to changing attacks.

Pivot out of the way…

We got a partner and and worked on some one step drills.  Our partner stepped in with a front punch and we were to pivot, easily out of the way, and counter with whatever attack we wanted to use. The key to this move is the pivot motion which is fast and small but moves you away from the attack.

For the next drill, our partner front kicked at us and we stripped the kick away.  When stripping the kick, the idea is to lead them off center and pull them forward so that they are falling into your counter attack.  This is also a small movement where you pivot to get out of the way.

We finished up with some kata.  We did Tekki shodan, Jion, Bassai Dai and Kanku Dai.

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