Belt your partner

Sensei Noia had us work on our stance training again today and we even got to belt our partner.  More about that below.

After the warm up we started out in a horse stance and then moved into a front stance with punch.  We then moved from a horse stance into a back stance with a knife hand block.  Next, we moved from a horse stance into a horse stance sideways with a double block.  We then did the same moves but one after the other in a group.

We also worked on a lot of kicks too.  We started with:

  1. Stationary front snap kick.
  2. Stationary side thrust kick to the front
  3. Stationary standing front snap kick with back kick
  4. Stationary standing front snap kick, back kick, side thrust kick
  5. Stationary standing front snap kick, three times at different levels, back kick, front snap kick, side thrust kick.

Belt your partner….

We found a partner and put our belt around around their waist.  From there, they stepped forward in a front stance and we pulled on the belt to make it hard for them to move.  We did the same moving forward in a back stance and also moving sideways in a horse stance.  The idea is to do this drill making your partner work and keep good form but not making it impossible for them to move.

We finished up doing Jion three time.  The first time Sensei counted the moves out, the second time was slow but with good form on our own and the last one was full power and full speed.

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