Toe to toe roundhouse kicks

Sensei Cieplik is still putting a lot of focus on our kicks.  I know I can certainly improve my kicks but walking after class is another story.   I need to find a way to quiet my hips down because they are talking way too much after class.

Same kihon, different order….

After our warm up, we did moving forward with front leg front snap kick, rear leg front snap kick and triple punch.

Next we did moving forward with downward block with reverse punch, turn, inward block with reverse punch, turn and rising block with reverse punch.  We did the same moves as above but moving backward and turning.

After those we did moving forward and backward in back stance with knife hand block.  Moving forward and backward in back stance with knife hand block, front snap kick and move into front stance with spear hand strike.

Next, from a horse stance, we stepped across in a horse stance trying to keep our feet in a line.  We did the same stepping across but we added side thrust kick, then side snap kick and we finished that drill with side thrust and side snap kick for one count.

Toe to toe roundhouse kicks….

The next drill needed a pad and a partner.  From a short front stance , we faced each other with the pad in front and between us.  From there, one partner did (or in my case tried) a front leg front snap kick to the knot of our partners belt.  This was not an easy drill for me at all.  This not only requires good flexibility but also a very strong core to execute this movement properly.

For the next, we stood toe to toe with our partner.  From that close distance, we did short, front leg roundhouse kicks to each others sides.  The kick was more like a cutting kick because of the short distance but I am sure it is effective for those with the flexibility to do it.

Lots of Kata….

We finished up class with some kata.  We did Heian Shodan twice, Heian Nidan twice, Heian Godan twice, Tekki Shodan twice, Jion twice and Bassai twice up to the first kiai.

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