Technique work???

Today’s class was one of the those where we did a drill that seems so complex on paper but is so simple to execute and when you do it, it just works.  Sensei Cieplik explained a self defense movement so well that my wife was able to execute it perfectly, on me and proved that “technique work” for a fact.

After our warm up, we started with front leg front snap kick and rear leg front snap kick.  Next, we did the same but with roundhouse kick.  Instead of stepping forward, we did front leg then rear leg and set the rear leg down in front after the kick so it became the front leg.

Moving forward and backward we did downward block with reverse punch, inward block with reverse punch, rising block with reverse punch, jab,  outward block and reverse punch and then inward block with elbow strike and backfist.  Oddly enough, even though the inward block, elbow strike and back fist is normally ugly, I do feel an improvement in that movement since we have been doing it more often.  I am sure mine is still ugly but it does “feel” better to me.

Next, we worked on moving forward and back with knife hand block.  We followed that with knife hand block, front snap kick and spear hand.

Technique work…..

For the next drill, we got a partner and worked on some pad drills revisiting some of the concepts that Sensei Arnaldo shared with us recently.  We started with loose fist punches.  The idea here is to keep the shoulders, arms and hand loose until the exact moment of impact.

The next technique that we worked on really works and my wife proved it to me and my collarbone.  One partner stepped in and did a front punch and other (slowly Deneise) stepped out to the side, past our partner, blocked or redirected the punch with the outside of the front hand and then threw a back arm ridge hand to the upper body.

I am going to try to explain this in a little better detail.  Both partners are facing each other and the attacking partner steps in with the right foot and throws a right hand front punch. The defending partner steps forward with the left foot, to the outside and almost past the attacker in a low front stance and uses their left arm to deflect the punch past them.  As the defending partner deflects the punch, their hips are open and the right hand makes a large, circular motion, with the hand starting near the hip, arcing up and around, then striking the attackers upper body with a ridge hand.

This move looks very much like some of the Kung Fu moves that I have seen and have had done to me, in the past, because of the angle and trajectory of the movement.  When the move is timed correctly, it works perfectly and I know this for a fact.

Help your fellow Karateka with kata….

This is something that I really enjoy doing.  Sensei gives each of the Shodan’s and above a fellow student to work with to help them with their kata.  Today, he told us to give the person we are helping one thing to work on that will improve their kata.  For me, whenever I help someone else with their Karate, I learn something too so it’s a win for everyone.

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