Put your left foot here, put your right foot there and punch

Sensei Noia has been working on our stances for the last few classes.  I certainly feel that all the stance training is helping me even though the classes have been painful.  It’s a good pain though.

Move those feet…

We started in a horse stance and did many punches.  While still in the horse stance, we pivoted to the left and reverse punched and then the same to the right.  We followed those up, still in a horse stance with pivot left and punch head high, pivot right and punch stomach level and pivot left again and punch at or below belt level.  These drills really get the hips working.

Next, we moved to a front stance.  From there, we switched feet (from left foot forward, we brought the right foot to the left foot and brought the right foot back) and punch, then rinse and repeat.

The following drill was somewhat similar but it helped us work three stances.  As above we did the front stance, switch feet and punch with both the left and right foot forward.  We then brought the back foot to the front foot and moved into a back stance with a knife hand block for both sides.  After that we moved into a horse stance with an upper and lower double block on both sides.  The key to all these moves was bringing the knees together when switching feet.

For the next drill, we moved forward with front punch, switched feet and punched and then switched feet and punched again.  It went as follows; start with the left foot forward, step forward and punch with the right hand and right foot forward, then switch feet and punch with the left hand and left foot forward, then switch feet again and punch with the right hand and right foot forward, then step forward and repeat on the opposite side.

Knock your partner out of their stance….

We paired up with partner and pad.  For the first drill, both partners were in a horse stance with one holding the pad and the other punching the pad.  For the following drills, the partner holding the pad was in a horse stance and the other partner punched from a cat stance and a cross leg stance.

With one partner still holding the pad in a horse stance the other partner did spinning back kick.  Next, came left leg side thrust kick, with right leg spinning back kick and left leg roundhouse kick for one count.

Kata time…

We finished up with some kata.  The Shodan’s and above did two Kanku Dai, Hangetsu, Empi and the kata of their choice (Gojushiho Sho for me).

See you soon to a good friend and Sensei…..

Today, Sensei Gatch visited class to tell us that he is leaving for a great career opportunity in Va.  Most everyone who has taken class at this dojo has had Sensei Gatch as a Sensei or has trained with him over the last 10 years that I have been involved with the club.  He was one of the first Sensei’s that I worked with and he will be missed.  Best wishes to him on his new job and this is not goodbye but see you soon.

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