Jab, reverse punch and kick at the same time.

This class was a little different today.  Sensei Cieplik had us spend a lot of time working on sparring drills with and without a partner.  I have a feeling that the upcoming Jennifer Malloy tournament might have something to do with it but either way, it is some good stuff.

Heel first….

After the warm up, we started in front stance, then brought our knee up to the front, like a knee strike.  From there, we put the same foot back down behind being sure to put our heel down on the floor first.  In order to drive from the heel when doing a movement such as moving backward with front leg front snap kick and front punch, the heel needs to be planted in order to make power for the front punch.

The second part of the drill was to keep our foot flat when bringing the knee up.  Many of us, me included, have a tendency to point our toes at the floor when doing this move.  This does require some good ankle flexibility, at least for me.

Get ready to rumble….

Next came some sparring drills.  We started with shifting forward and jab.  This was a little different because Sensei wanted us to jab late.  The idea was to shift in and settle and then jab.  This is to make the jab come from the hip and lower body action instead of the shoulders and upper body.  We did the same but this time we did two shifts and two jabs.  We then did two shifts with two jabs and then a long lunging reverse punch.  The last drill was to get the hips working.

Jab, reverse punch and kick but do not kick their knee…

The next drill was a very fast and powerful sparring drill.  From a left foot forward fighting stance we did a a left hand jab, from there, the right foot moves parallel with the left and we reverse punch and as the punch is moving, we front snap kick with the right leg.  This is an extremely fast and powerful combination because the hips are fully engaged when doing the movement.  You are also hiding the kick from your opponent with the hand that is doing the reverse punch.  Just be sure to shuffle or step back when moving away from this attack otherwise the front knee might be

Kanku dai in detail….

Sensei separated us into groups for kata and my group worked on Kanku Dai with Sensei Wail.  We started out working sections or groups of movements.  We did the first few moves and then the next few and so on until we went through the entire kata.  One of the key points that Sensei Wail stressed today was for us to make extremely fast turns and use the hips, not the upper body, to make those turns.

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