Have your partner check your kata

Today, Sensei Cieplik had us spend a lot of time on a few drills.  He wanted to be sure that we understood the concepts and had enough time to practice.

Get your basics on…

After our warmup, we moved in to basics.  We started moving forward and backward doing downward block and reverse punch, rising block and reverse punch, inward block with reverse punch.  Next came moving forward and backward in front stance with inward block, horse stance with elbow strike and backfist.  We finished up our kihon with outward block, jab and reverse punch.

Kick and punch at the same time….

We partnered up and spent a lot of time working on a drill that is very effective if you can do it.  From a fighting stance, you throw a front hand jab and a rear leg cutting kick at the same time.  The jab will move a little faster than the cutting kick and your opponent will try to block it not realizing that the kick is going to connect with there ribs.  The timing is hard and getting the body to move that way is something that is beyond my hips at this point but watching Sensei do it gives me hope.

Partner kata….

We did one Heian Shodan as a group and then split up in to smaller groups to work on our specific katas.

Some of the Shodan’s went off to the side to work on Kanku Dai with Sensei Wail.  We did the Kanku Dai a couple of times on our own and Sensei gave each of us something to correct.

We did another kata with a partner.  While our partner watched us, after each move, they pushed on us to see if we were tensing the correct muscles.  For example, when doing a back stance, my partner would push my side to try and make me lose my balance.  Another example is in a front stance with a spear hand, my partner would pull my spear hand to make me fall forward and show that my hips were not under me.  If you have a chance to work with someone doing this type of kata, it will help you find all of your balance or unbalance problems very quickly.

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