Dirty roundhouse kicks, loose power and fast hips.

Today was another interesting class. Sensei Cieplik had us work on basics first and then came some loose power punches along with some dirty roundhouse kicks.

Get your basics on…

After the warm up, we moved in to some punch and kicking combination drills.  We started with front snap kick and front punch moving forward.  Next we worked on front leg front snap, rear leg front snap kick and triple punch.  The front leg kick is often a toe tap as Sensei calls it but if you engage your core muscles, the front leg can get up much higher. If you do not, your foot will only leave the ground a little and you will lean back when doing it.

Next came horse stance.  We started by steeping across from horse stance to horse stance.  We then added side thrust kick only, then side snap kick only and we finished with one step with two kicks doing side snap and side thrust kick.

We did moving forward and back in back stance with knife hand block, front snap kick and front stance spear hand.  Then we did front stance inward block, horse stance elbow strike with back fist.

Dirty roundhouse kick…

The next drills required a partner and pad.  We started with punches to the pad but the idea was to squeeze the bottom three fingers on our hand very right while leaving the index and thumb loose.  This creates a very strong punch with loose power.  It’s somewhat hard to describe in text but the punch is almost a whipping motion when the fingers are squeezed that way. Sensei often uses the term “rock on a rope” and this is the closest feeling that I think describes it.

The next drill was we called dirty roundhouse kicks.  For this drill, we threw the roundhouse kick but we did not snap it back.  We set the leg down in front after the kick so that we could move easily.  This was harder for me than most drills because I kept snapping the kick back.  Go figure.

Lots of hip and move them fast….

We did one kata, Heian Shodan, as a group and then the Shodan’s split up for some Kanku Dai Training.  Sensei Wail took us on the side and had us specifically work on using our hips and turning fast throughout the entire kata.  The fast hip motions were torture and Sensei kept pushing us harder until we ran out of time. I was never so happy to run out of time to be honest.

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