Work on your kata moves with a partner

Today, Sensei Cieplik, had us work on some different drills that were not only physically challenging but also mentally challenging.  Reverse blocks and kata application always makes for a good class.

Kick and reverse blocks….

After our regular warm up, we did stationary front leg front snap kick with rear leg front snap kick.  Then came the same thing but with front leg roundhouse kick with rear leg roundhouse kick.  The last kicking drill was front leg front snap kick with rear leg front snap kick, step down and triple punch.

For our kihon drills, we did moving forward and back with reverse downward block, jab and reverse punch.  This was one of the those hip loosening drills.  Next, we did reverse rising block with reverse punch.  We had to close and open the hips the each move.  After that, we did the standard moving forward and back with outward block, jab and reverse punch.

The next drill was a little different.  We did a stationary jab and front leg front snap kick at the same time and then stepped in to a front punch.  The idea is to confuse your opponent and then gain distance by stepping through and drilling them with a front punch.

Hug your knee….

We started in a front stance and then pulled our front leg back and hugged our knee.  The idea here is to bring our knee to our chest but mine doesn’t make it far, yet.

The next drill we did started in a front stance, we then stepped back, bring the front knee up, and then back down and in with a reverse punch.

For this drill, we started in front stance with a stationary reverse punch, then we stepped into  a low front stance with a reverse punch.  Next was stationary reverse punch, step in to a low lunge with reverse punch and then step again with reverse punch.

Kata, partner up and more kata…

We did Jion many times, working in the details of each move.

Next came some pad drills.  One partner held the pad and the partner punched down and in to the pad.  The idea is to punch with a vertical fist and flick the fist, from the top down just before striking the target.  If any of you that take class with me are wondering about how effective this punch is, please as Sensei to demonstrate it on you.  He demonstrated it to me and even a light punch using that hand motion hurts.  Remember “power goes in.”

Next, we went back to kata and did Bassai Dai. 

Now, back top the pads.  One partner held the pad vertical to the front with a corner up and the other partner did the inward block and reverse block from Bassai Dai on the pad.  The idea was to have the block end at the same place on the pad for both blocks.

We also worked on the first move of Bassai Dai.  The key to this move is to land the front foot and then push the hips under as the back foot lands and the back knee touches the front leg.  It almost feels like two movements but when done quickly, it looks like one movement.  The idea here is to hit with the entire body, not just the arms when doing that move.

We finished up doing Tekki Shodan and the lower belts and for all the upper belts, we did Kanku Dai in a straight line.  Sensei often says, if you fight your balance, the technique will rise.

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