Start the class with kata and finish the class with kata.

Sensei Noia gave us a wide range of drills today along with some more Nijushiho training.  We also did my favorite warm up doing kata which always makes it a good class for me.

We started with one of my favorite warm ups today which is doing kata to get the Karate juices flowing.  He had us do Heian Shodan, Heian Nidan, Heian Sandan and Heian Yondan.

Get the basics done….

We moved in to basics next doing, moving forward and back with the following:

  • Front punch
  • Reverse punch
  • Front snap kick with front punch
  • Triple punch
  • Front leg kick with front punch
  • Front snap kick
  • Side thrust kick with front snap kick

Partner up

After getting a partner, we stood in front of each other in a horse stance and did the following moves.  One partner did jodan (head) front punch and the other did rising block.  Next was chudan (stomach) front punch and inward block and then gedan (low) punch and downward block.

Next came many kicks.  Still with our partner we did alternating front snap kicks, then spinning back kicks.  Next was shuffle up, front leg front snap kick followed with side thrust kick rear leg.  After that, front snap kick, side thrust, round house, spinning back kick.  We finished up with front snap kick and spinning back kick. Each partner alternated after each kick for all the drills except the last where one of us did both kicks and then our partner did theirs.


For the rest of the class we worked on Nijushiho. We did sections of the kata many times and then did the entire kata.  I really like this kata but I just wish I could remember the moves.  Oddly enough, I can remember 54 moves from Gojushiho Sho, but the 24 moves from Nijushiho is escaping me today.

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