Hit them with your legs – 11/17/11 – Thursday Karate class

We didn’t do a lot of different movements in class today but Sensei Cieplik made sure that we did the few drills and movements the correct way.

Get the basics done….

After our normal kicking warm up we did moving forward and backward three times with downward block with reverse punch, rising block with reverse punch and inward block with reverse punch.

Next we did front leg roundhouse kick, rear leg roundhouse kick and reverse punch.  We followed that, starting in a horse, then moved across with side snap kick and then side thrust kick.  As always, the idea is to keep the moving foot in contact with the floor and making sure to move from our hips and not our shoulders.

For the next drill we did a roundhouse kick, then pulled the hip all the way to the back and then brought the kicking back to the front and stepped down in to a front stance and did a reverse punch.  The idea here is to recover your balance from the kick and then do the reverse punch while driving the hips forward.

Hit them with your leg….

Because of the last drill, we moved in to groups of three.  One partner held a pad on their stomach and other other held a pad at shin height.  When stepping in to punch, the idea was to hit the low pad the shin and punch the pad.  The idea is to throw your leg at them and once it hits the pad, let the punch fly.  Throwing that leg forces us to use our hips when moving forward and throwing those punches.  The punch just goes out because the body has stopped moving and the extension of the arm happens as the body stops.

Kata at the end….

We spent the rest of the class working on kata.  We started with the black belts and Kanku Dai.  We then did Heian Shodan trying to punch the same way that we did when doing the pad drills.  Next we did Heian 2 – Heian 5, Jion and Bassai Dai finished it up.

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