Kicking it up a gear – 9/20/11 – Tuesday Karate class

Sensei Noia took us to school on kicking today.   It was a tough class and full of many, did I say many, kicks.

Warm up with some laps and kata….

Sensei had us start class with a lap and kata.  We did this for a total of eight katas and eight laps.  I was pretty much done at that point but class didn’t even begin yet.

Kick and then kick some more….

After all the kata and laps, we took a break and stood next to the wall.  From there, we stood with one side near the wall, put our hand on it and did side thrust kicks as Sensei counted.  We did get a little rest and were able to put our kicking foot down between each kick.  We did the same drill but this time, after holding the kick we pulled the leg back and then kicked immediately again.  For the next drill, we did a low side thrust kick each time Sensei counted.

Next, in to a front stance we did moving forward with rear leg front snap kick.  Then came, stationary rear leg front snap kick, putting the kicking foot back down behind us and then step forward.  The next drill was the same but added a side snap kick after the front snap kick.

Sensei said rest and do stationary slow back kick for a 10 count with each leg.  We started moving forward again and did front snap kick, side thrust kick, back kick and roundhouse kick.  This was the end to the kicking part of class.

Finish with some more kata….

We ended class with three katas.  The first kata was all out, 100% speed and power.  The second kata was just stances and the last kata was slow but it had to be done with perfect form.  I don’t know that I was thinking but I did Gojushiho Sho and those 54 moves time three wasn’t the smartest choice I made that day.

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