Traditional Karate class – 8/19/11 – Friday Karate class

Sensei Brien wanted us to have a traditional Karate class today.  This type of class includes a lot of stance training and many kicks.

It starts with the stances….

We started in a horse stance and did front punch, then double punch, then rising block, then alternate front snap kick, front snap kick with punch, side snap kick with front punch and side thrust kick with front punch.   The idea is to drive the kicking leg foot down like side thrust kick when going back into horse stance.

For the next drill, we spent a lot of time in a front stance.  From the front stance, with did reverse punch and drew back then repeat again, and again and again.  I am not sure how many of these we did but it was lot.

Pull back the front foot and kick…

We spent the rest of the class doing kicks.  These weren’t ordinary kicks, these were different.  We go a partner, stood in a front stance, pulled the front foot back and then did a front snap kick with other leg.  This felt like a very powerful movement.  It makes the hips twist very fast and let the kicking leg fly out.  We also did the same movement adding a reverse punch, then with a roundhouse kick and we finished up with side thrust kick to the front.

From the small amount of words above, it doesn’t look like we did much but my hips and legs are telling me different.

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