Reach is block, block is strike – 8/23/11 – Tuesday Karate class

Sensei Noia had us spend a lot of time working on some one-step type drills today.

Reach hand is block and block is strike….

We partnered up from the start.  The attacking partner stepped forward with a head high punch and the other partner stepped back with a rising block.  Next, we did the same with a chest level punch and inward block, then a belt level punch and downward block.  Three steps were three different blocks and punches.  We also did the same drill but the blocking partner countered with a reverse punch after each block.

For the next drill, we did that same stepping movements but the blocking partner used the reach hand as the block and the blocking hand as the strike.  For example, when the attacking partner punched, the other grabbed their punching hand and then did a rising strike to break their arm or get them in to an arm bar.

We finished up class working on some bunkai from Heian Sandan and Kanku Dai.

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