Back stance holds back your energy – 8/4/11 – Thursday Karate class

Sensei Cieplik has been sharing many new techniques with us lately.   The side snap kick with reverse punch and the standing upright punch near the end of the this post are both good examples.

Kicks and basics…

After our warm up, from a front stance, we did front leg shuffle up roundhouse kick then shuffle back in to a front stance.  Next we did shuffle up roundhouse kick with front leg, shuffle back, rear leg roundhouse kick, shuffle back so the rear kicking leg become the front leg, then repeat.

Sensei had us slow things down because at least half of the class was doing cutting kicks instead of roundhouse kicks.  We did some slow roundhouse kicks starting with the knee of the kicking leg pointing to the side, then pivot to the front and point the knee forward, kick, pivot back so our knee is facing the side again and set the kicking leg back down behind.

For our final kicking drill, we did side snap kick to the front, then step down and reverse punch.  This was a different drill that I don’t recall doing in the past.

Next, we did moving forward and back with downward block, inward block, outward block, then rising block and reverse punch.

Hold your energy back….

For the next drill we did moving forward and backward in a back stance.   Sensei uses and example where a student is standing in a back stance and he is behind them, trying to get around them.  The back stance is holding the energy back and then when the time is right, it goes forward and POW.  For example, someone throws a punch at you, you move into a back stance with a knife hand block with you weight on your back leg.  From there, you spring forward in to a front stance and throw a front punch.

For the next drill we stood upright and punched.  With our knees a little soggy, we tightened our butts and abdominal muscles and punched.  The idea is to create punching power by having connection between the upper and lower body though the core muscles.

We finished up class doing Heain 1 through 4 and some bunaki for each kata.

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