Stretch to cover a lot of ground – 7/21/11 – Thrusday Karate class

Sensei Cieplik has been sharing concepts and techniques with us that we have never done before.  Today’s theme was related to sweeping but not the sweeping that we do in sport kumite or with a broom.

Don’t scoop……

I would have thought after seven years of Karate classes that I would have learned how to do a front snap kick correctly.  While doing our kicking warm up, like we do each week, Sensei noticed that I was doing a scooping motion when my foot was leaving floor as I was doing my front snap kicks.  As my knee is coming up, my foot is doing a scooping motion and my toes are pointing down until my knee is up all the way in front.   I understand what he is saying and I did a couple the correct way but now need to figure out how to fix it permanently.   One of the things I enjoy most about Karate is when I just think I finally got it, I don’t got it.

Two steps forward and two steps back and stretch it out….

For our basics today, Sensei had us do each technique with two moves forward and two moves backward.  We did downward block, inward block, rising block, outward block, outward block with jab and reverse punch and lastly, knife hand block.

We spent a good amount of time on the next drill.  We started in a front stance with our front foot on one of the tile lines.  From there, we did a long stretching rear leg roundhouse kick, brought the kicking foot down in front, did a back fist with the front hand and then stepped in and did a front punch.  The idea behind this drill was to really open the hips and to cover a lot of ground.  In order to get the most distance you do not retract or snap back the roundhouse kick leg, instead you leave it extended with the hip open and set it down in front.  Not snapping the kick back adds a good amount of distance.

Partner sweeps….

For the next drill, we did some sweeping movements that were different than I remember ever doing before.  The one that is the easiest for me to explain was the following.  One partner threw a front snap kick and as they went to set the kicking foot down in front, the other partner used their foot to sweep their partners front leg out from under them.  The idea is to move just far enough out of the way to avoid getting kicked and as the attackers foot comes down you sweep it, either to the inside or outside, take them off balance and then give them a good punch, elbow or joint lock.  The key to this is mostly timing and taking their balance away from them to open them up to a bunch of different attacks.

We finished up class with Heian Shodan through Heian Godan.

It was another great class but I am sure my hips and legs will think different tomorrow morning.

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