Run a lap, do a kata, rinse and repeat – 7/19/11 – Tuesday Karate class

Sensei Noia hasn’t had us do this lap and then kata drill in a long time.  I really like doing kata to warm up but it gets tough when there is a lap between each one.

Run a lap, do a kata…..

Sensei had us run a lap around the dojo and then do a kata.  We started with Taikyoko Shodan, then Heian Shodan through Heian Godan, then Tekki Shodan, Jion, Bassai Dai and Kanku dai.  I am pretty sure that t by the time I made it to Bassai Dai, my kata must have gotten very ugly but it was a great warm up.  I was proud of myself today since the last time we did this drill, I had a very hard time after the first four or five laps and today, I was able to get through the entire drill without a slowdown.

Get a partner and a pad….

We started by standing in front of our partner with our toes turned in a bit.  From there we punched the pad without twisting so that we could not use our hips.  The key to this drill is to use the core to connect the upper body to the lower body to make power.

The next drill was the same but this time we were in a horse stance.  Again, we couldn’t use our hips and we had to make sure that we tensed our butt when we punched to get connection between our upper and lower body.

In the next two drills, we could use our hips.  We got in to a front stance and started with our reverse hand out and our hips forward and closed.  From there, we twisted our hips and did a stationary jab to the pad.  When doing this drill, the knee of the front leg needs to move forward and not away from your partner.

The next drill was a stationary reverse punch.  From a front stance, we started with our front hand reaching out and our hips opened.  We then twisted and hit the pad making sure that our front knee didn’t pull back.   The key to this drill is to keep the tailbone tucked under to make power from the legs and hips not the upper body.

This class went by too fast and I would have liked another hour or so but my hips were not having the same thoughts.

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